Model Steam Suppliers

Quality-built and accurate model steam engines can transform any model railway setup. Whether you have an extensive collection or are just building your stocks, the best steam engines on the market could certainly provide the wow factor. As such, you’ll want to find a quality supplier that offers the best money can buy. And, you needn’t look any further than Walsall Model Industries model steam suppliers.

Meeting your every steam engine need

Too often, model train suppliers focus on a niche that leaves countless collectors in the cold. This is something we’ve seen happen far too often here at Walsall Model Industries, and it’s an issue we work to address with a broad range of model steam engines to suit railway lovers of all abilities.

It doesn’t matter if you have an attic filled with elaborate railway kit, or are buying your first piece - we can sprovide you with precisely what you need. Our collection, completed with over 50 different types of casting, literally covers every railway requirement.

Whether you’re in the market for quality steam engine parts or complete kits, we’ve got affordable options for you. Even if you’re uncertain about where to get started, our team is on hand to advise you according to their own extensive model railway experience.

We also offer a unique special requirement service. Even if you can’t find the gauge or casting you’re after from our extensive offerings, we’ll, therefore, mould to your specifications, all for just 15% more than our standard prices.

Durable steam engines at last

Poor quality steam engines are the bane of any model railway lover’s life. Inaccurate or poorly constructed parts can certainly struggle to stand the test of even basic use. We understand first-hand how frustrating that can be, which is why every single one of our steam engine supplies is built to last with the highest quality standards possible.

This is something we guarantee by implementing a range of quality processes at the production stage. For one, we always use a suitable grade of cast iron for our mouldings, complete with a carefully controlled heat finish for results you can trust. We also go above and beyond to implement shell moulding processes that complete far higher quality finishes than the industry-standard green sand moulding technique.

Over 6 decades of experience

While Walsall Model Industries has only existed under this name since 1987, we’ve been in the model railway market since 1967. That means we have over six decades of experience in making and supplying the best possible model steam engines on the market.

During our time in operations, we’ve developed from a gauge 0 model wheel caster to a company that uses over 50 casting techniques across our product ranges. We also provide fantastic customer service thanks to our now extensive understanding of everything relating to model steam engines and beyond.

With that in mind, don’t hesitate to browse our collections today, or contact us to discuss your unique steam engine needs on 01922 633718.

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