Railway Model Suppliers

Wouldn’t life be easier if you could find a trustworthy one-shop-stop for all your railway model needs? The ease and reassurance this could bring would be next-to-none in taking your railway model to the levels you’ve been dreaming of. And, with the help of Walsall Model Industries railway model suppliers, this isn’t even an impossible goal to achieve.

Who are Walsall Model Industries?

While Walsall Model Industries as you see it today was founded in 1987, our story goes much further back. Originally founded under a different name in 1967, we entered the market solely offering gauge 0 wheel castings. This is a speciality that we still offer today, alongside over 50 other casting methods for a comprehensive railway model service in one comfortable place.

Our six decades in the model railway industry alone mean that we’re one of the best on the market today. We certainly offer unbeatable experience, and some of the largest model railway collections you could hope to find. Even better, we provide high-quality manufacturing on parts with prices to suit collectors at every stage of their model railway journeys. Whether you’re an avid hobbyist or a total model railway newbie, you certainly shouldn’t hesitate to browse our fantastic collections today.

Why you could benefit by buying from Walsall Model Industries

Our extensive experience is perhaps the main benefit that keeps our loyal customers returning time and again, but it’s certainly not the only reason you could benefit from buying with us.

Our collections, in themselves, are another pressing reason why you should consider us as your go-to railway model suppliers. Far from leaving you out in the cold or making you source pieces elsewhere, our comprehensive offering means that you can buy everything you need from our store alone. Whether you’re after wheels, wagon parts, or complete kits to make everything easier; we’ve got all that and more.

Even if our existing collections don’t offer the exact sizing requirements you’re after, you need only pay 15% extra for a specialist casting service according to your unique requirements. That’s a benefit few other railway model suppliers offer, and it could ensure that all your railway purchases from now on come through us, and us alone.

Contact our expert team today

Our team of model railway experts are at the heart our ability to forever meet your needs, and you can bet you’ll benefit from contacting them to discuss your requirements today. As model railway lovers themselves, they’re forever on-hand to point you towards the perfect pieces to expand your collection in the best ways possible.

If you already know what you need, however, then please don’t hesitate to start browsing our easy-to-use store straight away. With categories that couldn’t be easier to navigate and PayPal capabilities, you could soon buy all the model railway additions that you’ve struggled to find until now.

So, either get browsing or contact us on 01922 633718 to begin what we’re sure will be a long and prosperous model train journey.

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